Amsterdam Realtime is a project by Waag Society together with Esther Polak.

The project is supported financially by de Mondriaanstichting/Interfund and the Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst.

  • PDA's were supplied with a discount by Siemens Mobile Nederland.
  • GPS-hardware was supplied with a discount by I-con GPS.
  • GPRS-datatraffic was sponsored by KPN Mobile.
  • The projection beamer at the Gemeentearchief was supplied with a discount by Beam Systems.
  • Het Parool is mediapartner for the advertorial space.

    On radio Noord Holland Amsterdam RealTime was an item in the cultural diary on 6 October 2002.
    listen to the radio-item (MP3-audio)(Dutch!)

    On radio Amsterdam FM Amsterdam RealTime was an item in the culturual programme of 11 October 2002.
    listen to the radio-item (MP3-audio)(Dutch!)

    References to the project have turned up on several special interest portals and with a number of Dutch bloggers, f.i. in the one by Qint of 13 October 2002.
    read blogger Qint's AmsterdamLog (Dutch!)

    NPS-radioshow Kunststof featured an item on the project on 4 November 2002 by following Chris the "pigeon"-drawer.
    listen to the radio-item (RealAudio stream © NPS, starts at 38:19)(Dutch!)
    listen to the radio-item (MP3-audio)

    In the Nature & Technology issue of 5 November 2002 a story was published of a participant on the project.
    read the item on the Natuur & Techniek website (Dutch!)

    The Amsterdam RealTime team has been nominated by the editors of Doors of Perception as a finalist for the Open Doors Grand Prix and has presented the project at the 7th edition of this conference held 15 November 2002.
    overview of Open Doors finalists

    The project has been nominated for the 26 November 2002 Dutch ISOC Award in the net-art category.
    background info on the ISOC-website (Dutch!)

    On 3 december 2002 the project got reported on at Slashdot, the international authority on 'news for nerds'. With the accompanying effect of 'being slashdotted' - tens of thousands of worldwide nerds coming to visit your project-site. We've stopped counting sites that refer to the project :-)
    Slashdot item

    The 2003 March issue of Wired, leading international magazine on technoculture, is dedicating a full page to imagery from the project. The words to the explanatory text are also printed in Wired's online edition.
    Wired 11.03

    Contact: Aske Hopman